Savannah, Georgia: Where To Stay And What To Do, See, Eat & Drink

Savannah, Georgia- Where To Stay And What To Do, See, Eat & Drink

Savannah, Georgia was the very first stop on my 16-day road trip with my best friend Mel. We left our homes in Long Island, NY at 8:30pm and drove straight down through the night and morning until we finally arrived in Savannah about 14 hours later.




Based on all of the places we went, sights we saw, and things we did, I put together a little guide to Savannah, Georgia including where to stay, what to do, what to see, what to eat, and what to drink (as well as how we liked all of the above).



We stayed for four nights and three days in a cute, quaint Airbnb carriage house located directly across the street from historic Forsyth Park. Our apartment was also extremely haunted but that’s beside the point.



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first stop 📍

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The wallpaper was quirky with cartoon flowers all over it, and the carpet was funky and colorful. It was modern in design, fully functional with pots and pans for cooking, and a book loaded with recommendations of things to do in the area (of which we took full advantage). The place was a short 10-minute walk from nearby restaurants, shops, and sights and about a 30-minute walk to River Street.


Altogether with cleaning and service fees, the Airbnb cost $477.67 for three nights. If you’re wondering where to stay in Savannah, an Airbnb is a good choice if you prefer privacy but you can definitely find a hotel in a centralized location for a comparable or lower price.




Food & Drink


Tequila's Town Savannah Georgia - Tuna, Veggie, Shrimp Tacos

Tequila’s Town: try the shrimp, veggie, and tuna tacos, and get a pitcher of peach margaritas.

Lizzy’s Tequila Bar & Grill: awesome peach and black raspberry margaritas.

Lulu's Chocolate Bar Savannah Georgia - toasted almond Kahlua drink and dark chocolate covered strawberries

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar: the toasted almond iced coffee with Kahlua was phenomenal and so were the dark chocolate covered strawberries.

Jen’s and Friends: I didn’t order anything here because I was too drunk but Mel got the lavender lemon drop martini and said it was amazing.

The River House River Street Savannah Georgia - blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich with fries

The River House: highly recommend the blackened Mahi sandwich and the Shrimp Po’ Boy.


Shops & Stores


Savannah Bee Company Savannah Georgia - raw honeycomb apple cheese sample

Savannah Bee Company: delicious honey in multiple flavors. After trying the honeycomb, cheese, and apple sample, Mel and I each bought a raw honeycomb to take home… AND we adopted bees for $1

Nourish: homemade soaps, bath, and body products that smell good and are fun to try.

Brighter Day Natural Foods: in an effort to save some money, we decided to go food shopping and cook a couple of meals. Brighter Day is the mom-and-pop equivalent of Whole Foods with healthy and yummy sandwiches, salads, and groceries.

Savannah Candy Kitchen Savannah Georgia - world famous pralines

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen: this place is known for its famous pralines — and oh my god, they did not disappoint. If you go to Savannah, you HAVE to go try a free praline sample.

The Coffee Fox: we both ordered Georgia Peach tea and brewed it in our own super cool mugs while we sat in big, comfy chairs and people watched through the windows.

Leopold's Ice Cream Savannah Georgia - pistachio and butter pecan ice cream

Leopold’s Ice Cream: home of THE BEST ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. I’m lactose intolerant and this stuff didn’t even make me sick. I got pistachio and butter pecan ice cream. A+


Tourist Spots & Sights


Historic River Street in Savannah Georgia

River Street: historic River Street was full of fun shops and restaurants. It was really cool walking around and enjoying the riverfront views and touristy stores. We strolled down River Street with margaritas in hand because you can do that in Savannah (which is the best thing ever).

The Waving Girl Statue: in the wise words of Mel, “Florence Martus AKA “The Waving Girl” was a hopeless romantic who greeted every ship that came through the Port of Savannah for 44 years because she was waiting for the sailor she fell in love with to come back to her. To no surprise, she died with a broken heart. Don’t worry Florence, we got drunk in front of your statue in your honor.”

Old Town Trolley Tours: we stayed on the trolley for the entire duration of the tour and it was extremely worth the $33. We saw tons of sights and learned a lot about Savannah’s past and culture.

Jones Street Savannah Georgia

Jones Street: check out Jones Street if you want to appreciate some gorgeous trees and architecture.


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Wormsloe Plantation: originally greeted by an arched gateway which leads to an oak tree lined alley, this historic plantation was one of the most fascinating parts of our stay in Savannah.

American Prohibition Museum Speakeasy Savannah Georgia

American Prohibition Museum: I think this is the only prohibition museum in the United States, and it’s packed with facts, photos, videos, and information about such a wild part of our country’s history. Be sure to hit the internal speakeasy before you leave (just don’t get the Mary Pickford because that drink was gross).

Forsyth Park: located right across from our Airbnb, this was the first spot we checked out. The trees, gardens, fountain, and statues were so nice.


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The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist: this cathedral is BREATHTAKING. I’m not religious but I was in complete shock at the insane architecture within and on the outside of this building.

Squares: Chippewa, Oglethorpe, Johnson, Wright, Madison, Lafayette, etc. The famous bench from Forrest Gump is located in one of these squares, which we tried to find and couldn’t. We also had a heart-to-heart in one of them which you can watch at the very end of my vlog above.

Georgia peach in Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia

And of course, before heading to Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we finished our trip by enjoying two ripe Georgia peaches in front of the fountain in Forsyth Park. I highly recommend you eat a peach while in Savannah — they 100% live up to their expectation.



Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful town full of interesting history, incredible architecture, gorgeous trees, and chirping cicadas. I visited knowing absolutely nothing about it and left in awe of all of the information I learned throughout our stay. It was super fun adventuring around and exploring the area without any expectations of what we were going to see and what we were going to do. The open alcohol rule was a major plus — I don’t think I’ve ever publicly walked around with a drink in my hand before so that was fun.


All I know is that I will definitely be back again someday and I’m looking forward to when that time comes. The place is definitely haunted considering it’s literally built upon burial grounds and overfilled cemeteries but I didn’t get any bad vibes from it (except in the bathroom of our Airbnb… some shit definitely went down in there). Oh, and I’m still craving those tacos from Tequila’s Town and the pralines from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.


View of colorful houses from Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia


If you ever visit Savannah, I hope you get to experience all of the wonderful things we did during our stay. If you do, please let me know in the comments below! Also feel free to tell me what we forgot to do and what I’ll have to check out next time I go back.


Thanks for reading! Happy traveling. 🙂


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Guide To Savannah, Georgia - Where To Stay, Where To Go, What To Eat, Drink, See, And Do

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