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If you’re in search of a skilled writer who will create high-quality content that increases website traffic and boosts sales for your company, then congratulations! You’ve officially found your match.


Hi, I’m Morgan. It’s nice to meet you.


Here’s what I can help you with:



Launching a brand and need marketing materials? Refreshing the content on your website or landing page? Announcing a new product or company update and want to distribute a press release? Save your time — let me do the research and write the copy for you.


Content Writing

Need something that’s more creative, entertaining, informational, or personal? I love writing blogs, articles, and social media posts in topics including, but not limited to, marketing, technology, business, finance, travel, health, and lifestyle.



If you prefer to keep things anonymous and attach your company name to whatever I write, no problem! I’ll produce content according to your brand voice and other requirements, and then hand it off to you so you can go ahead and publish it wherever and under whoever’s name you wish.


Content Placement/Link Building

Want to increase your domain authority and build up your backlink portfolio? Tap into my guest post opportunities and content placement abilities. Score high-quality links on websites up to DA90+ (almost always with the anchor text of your choosing) — acquired by yours truly.


Social Media Promotion

I share every piece of content that I publish or am featured in to my social media accounts. By guest posting on my site or hiring me to write for you, you will gain access to my 2,000+ Twitter followers and/or ~1,000 engaged monthly site visitors.


Project Management, Editing, Guest Posts, Graphic Design, Video Creating, Photography, & More


Who am I?


I’m a freelance writer with years of digital marketing experience, a Bachelor’s degree in English, and a proven track record of creating content for digital marketing agencies, international companies, popular brands, social media influencers, technology startups, and mom-and-pop shops across various industries and niches.

I’m a contributing writer at some awesome publications like Betches, Hint Water’s The Quench, The GentleManual, Thought Catalog, and BuzzFeed where I’ve scored homepage visibility and 12 awards for creating viral posts like this one: 19 Classic Viral YouTube Videos You Totally Forgot Existed.


My articles have been published on notable platforms like Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Boston.com, and my insight has been quoted in articles on Fit Small Business, Website Magazine, Healthy Way, SEMrush, Sprout Social, Buffer, and CoSchedule.


I’ve written blog posts that rank on the first page of Google for high search volume keywords. I’ve achieved ideal SERP placement and gained extra visibility for companies by capturing featured snippets. I’ve helped brands attract new customers, gain leads, and reach goals through the creation of inspirational content and powerful CTAs.


Oh, and I have my content marketing certification from HubSpot.


In summary, I know exactly what type of content it takes to capture, engage, and convert your target audience — and I also have the skills to create it.


Read my writing samples:



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