Work With Me

Work With Me


If you need to hire a writer to:

Talk about sex, relationships, health, wellness, food, and all that other fun stuff

• Creatively promote your brand, services, and products

Become a contributing writer to your blog

Ghostwrite content to be published under your name

• Cover your company news, product launches, or press events

• Create catchy copy that drives website traffic, conversions, and sales


You’ve officially found your match!


I’m a freelance writer with a proven track record of helping businesses increase sales, website traffic, and brand awareness through digital content. I specialize in creating engaging, shareable, and SEO-friendly blog posts for media companies, startups, and brands of all sizes within the sex, wellness, and lifestyle niches.


I have bylines all over the internet, including Betches, BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, and various other publications where my content is read by thousands of readers every month (one of my BuzzFeed articles just hit over 500,000 sessions). I’ve written articles that rank on the first page of Google for high search volume keywords and in featured snippets. Oh, and I have my content marketing certification from HubSpot.


In summary, I know exactly what type of content will capture, engage, and convert your target audience — and I have the skills to create it.


Let's Work Together - Morgan Mandriota


Here’s what I offer:

• Blog writing

• Ghostwriting

• Copywriting

• Brand partnerships

• Event/media coverage


Here’s what you’ll get:

• Content that needs very little editing and is always delivered before its deadline

• Well-researched stories with accurate information provided by expert sources

• SEO-optimized copy with naturally placed keywords and attention-grabbing titles

• A conversational and casual writing style that’s engaging, fun, and easy-to-read

• A new team member who’s organized, responsive, and plays well with others!


Here’s what my clients and colleagues have to say:

“Whenever I need quality content written, Morgan is my go-to resource! She researches topics thoroughly, can seamlessly adjust to any tone I need for my content, and always hits her deadlines. I’m happy I found such a reliable and effective writer.” -Cory Young, BCC Interactive

“Morgan is wonderful to work with. Her optimistic and witty voice was perfect for our lifestyle articles. Furthermore, she’s highly responsive and cooperative, and she is able to achieve a quick turnaround when needed.” -Janet Hu,

“Morgan is an asset to any digital team. Her skills run the gamut, from content writer and editor to digital marketing and project manager. She is reliable, and never turns down an opportunity to learn something new. Her organizational skills are impeccable, shadowed only by her can-do attitude and personality.”-April Jimenez, The Powerline Group


Please visit my Portfolio here to read my past work or visit my About page here if you’d like to get to know me better.


What are you waiting for? Let’s work together!


I’m currently available to take on new projects, so let’s chat about your content strategy, needs, and goals. Email me at to get started. I hope to hear from and work with you soon.