Evvy- “You Said” (Vibelingual Remix) Out NOW!

Evvy- 'You Said' Vibelingual Remix Out NOW l hawk + pearl

If you’ve been keeping up with KomaCoast (sort of like ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ only 500x better), then you know that Vibelingual has been killing it since the collective’s launch back in December 2016.


This past weekend, Vibelingual officially released a remix of Evvy’s “You Said.” The song combines trance, dubstep, and electronic genres all in one. With Evvy’s ‘honeyed vocals and glittering synth heavy style’ intertwined with Vibe’s hard-hitting bass drops and upbeat melodies, the two artists’ signature sounds mesh together perfectly to make this new track an addicting one.


Without talking it up any more, I’ll just let the music speak for itself.


Click the play button to hear Evvy’s “You Said” (Vibelingual Remix) NOW:



The first time I heard this song, I caught myself dancing in my seat (which was super awkward because I was in a coffee shop). After it ended, I listened on repeat about four more times before I finally had to stop myself to prevent playing it out like I do all my other favorite songs.


All I have to say is that Vibelingual did an incredible job mixing his own signature style with Evvy’s indie-pop, “Ethereal swag” for his fifth release.


Thanks for reading, and happy vibing!

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