Bumble BFF App Review: How My First BFF Date Went Down

Bumble BFF App Review: Here's How My First BFF Date Went Down | hawk + pearl (Bumble BFF is an app for making new friends)

It’s not that easy to make new friends anymore. If you don’t go to school, work in a place where new people enter the building all day long, or enjoy frequenting bars every weekend, the odds of meeting potential amigos are slim to none. Thankfully, the friend gods have answered our prayers, and the dating app Bumble has recently released a feature on the platform called Bumble BFF.

One of my girlfriends told me she found luck and matched a couple of pretty cool girls, so I was inspired to see if I could get some matches myself. Lo and behold, I’ve already matched… drum roll, please… three girls! Yay! I’m on my way to #squadgoals heaven.

After just one night of swiping, I scored my very first Bumble BFF match. Right from the start, Jackie seemed super nice and down-to-earth. We got along well and shared some common interests, one of which being the fact that we’re both proud grandmas and we don’t go out drinking every weekend like most of the people our age. We swapped numbers, texted, and made plans to hang the following week.

Yesterday, she and I hung out for the first time. We went to the mall, grabbed drinks at Starbucks, shopped, and filled each other in on our lives. Not going to lie, I was nervous as I sat and waited for her to show up, but once we were talking, it felt like I knew her for years. Turns out blind friend dates are SO much less intimidating than typical blind dates with someone you’re interested in potentially dating.

PS: This literally sounds like I’m telling the story of the first date with my now fiancé (if I had one), and I’m so sorry. Just trying to give you guys a thorough review of how this app worked for me and what went down.

Overall, I had an awesome time. I’m a pretty awkward human, but it wasn’t awkward at all. Jackie is totally someone who I could see becoming one of my genuinely close friends. This also means that I am officially one squad member closer to giving T Swift a run for her squad money — score!

My suggestion? If you’re looking for new friends and don’t mind losing your pride or ego over downloading a “dating app,” then go install Bumble on your phone right now and go find your new BFF!

If you wind up matching with anyone and plan to hang out with that person, here are four quick tips from my personal experience:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Don’t be nervous.
  3. Have fun with it.
  4. Don’t be a serial killer.

So thanks, Bumble inventors, for enabling me to gain a new friend and for giving people like me who freelance, have already graduated from school, and don’t like the bar scene a way to meet people without having to join actual real-life social clubs or anything like that… because who actually does anything without the help of technology anymore, amirite?


Thanks for reading! Happy swiping.


Have you tried the app yet? Have you had any luck? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @MorganMandriota!

Morgan Mandriota is a freelance sex, health, and wellness writer and the creator of hawkandpearl.com and highlyuntamed.com. You can read her content on Betches, BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, and a bunch of other places on the internet. When she isn't writing, Morgan loves traveling, hiking, eating tacos, and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else @morganmandriota.


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