The Bachelorette BFF Recap: Season 12 Episode 4

The Bachelorette BFF Recap Season 12 Episode 4 abc the bachelorette hawk + pearl

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette has just ended, and all I can say is “wow.” Just… wow.

The Bachelorette BFF Recap tonight will be short and sweet, unlike the past two episodes that were long winded and full of angst.

I am a lone bird tonight. Shelby couldn’t watch this week, and Lester paid his dues with last night’s fabulous recap (which you can read here).

Let’s get started:


There is one main thing that needs to be addressed, and one thing only…


Chad is gone.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen… ABC’s new hit series The Chad Show has officially aired its final episode.

He fought the good fight full of incessant drama, threats of violence, Muscle Milk, and solo yam-eating contests. He pushed his way through four episodes’ worth of torment, ridicule, eating, and hatred. He is finally moving on to bigger and better things where he will no longer feel the wrath of 20 other men vying for JoJo’s love and attention (PS: I recently read a spoiler that said he’s going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. I’ve never actually watched that show, but that could be what the “bigger and better things” entails).

In all fairness, folks, we saw this coming from 37 miles away (if you really thought Chad was going to win, then I have a few bridges to sell you for super cheap).

Anyway, we are once again left on a [HYSTERICAL] cliffhanger in which Chad leaves the mountain from which he was left stranded and arrives back to the house where the guys are all staying. The final scene shows Chad’s fingers sliding down a glass door (as if he’s in a horror film) as he patiently waits for someone to let him in to wreak inexplicable havoc.

*impatiently waiting for the next show to air in two weeks with my mom like*


Overall Thoughts

All in all, I’m unsure as to how the rest of this season is going to play out without the ability to fill each two-hour episode with Chad-related drama. Here are a few of my other thoughts:

  • How the hell is Evan still around?
  • Why did Evan get ANOTHER bloody nose?
  • I can’t believe Daniel is still around.
  • I can’t believe Evan is still around.
  • Jordan is going to win, and it couldn’t be any more obvious.
  • Chase is really cute and will probably be the next Bachelor.

Also, Shelby hasn’t watched any of the shows from this week, so she is going to freeeeaaaakkkkk out when she hears the news about Chad. I’m preparing for a heartbreaking farewell letter under her Overall Thoughts section when we return for episode 5’s recap in two weeks.



Evan HAS to get sent home, along with Daniel and either James F. or Grant as well. Chad will cause hell when he’s finally let back into the house. JoJo may reveal some semi-shocking secret/information to the guys that will explain why she was crying on tonight’s trailer.

We shall see! All I know is that two weeks is way too long to wait for the next episode to air.


That’s it — The Bachelorette BFF Recap: Season 12 Episode 4 is over and so is Chad’s Bachelorette appearance. So long, amigo. We will miss you dearly. XOX


Thanks for reading! Be sure to tune back in in two weeks when the next show comes on for more details, thoughts, and predictions on Chad’s, oops, I mean JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette.


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