Morgan Mandriota

My name is Morgan Mandriota, and I am the creator of hawk + pearl. As an avid writer, both by passion and profession, this blog serves as a platform for my personal writing and videos.

I’m a contributing writer over at BuzzFeed, Betches, Thought Catalog, Hint Water’s The Quench, The GentleManual, and other awesome publications. I currently freelance as a marketing and lifestyle writer who specializes in partnering with digital marketing agencies and B2B/B2C companies to help them create engaging, optimized content both internally and for clients.

I graduated with a BA in English and minors in Psychology and Speech Communications from St. Joseph’s College on Long Island, New York. Since graduation, I’ve started my own business and worked full-time as a content writer, a creative content director, an SEO director, and a digital marketing project manager — but I can confidently say that I’ve found my true niche in content creation.

On hawk + pearl, I share content from the depths of my wandering mind. Here you’ll find a wide range of topics, including personal thoughts, videos, listicles, tips, trending news, healthy recipes, and more. You can also find my work featured on BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, Boston.comSEMrush, Buffer, etc.

Because you’re probably wondering what “hawk + pearl” means, here’s a brief explanation:

As a child, I was raised by my father to look for and identify hawks, a symbol of power, perception, observation, and awareness. The middle name of my beloved grandmother, may she rest in peace, is Pearl, commonly defined as “a precious thing; the finest example of something.” The name hawk + pearl was created to represent the integration of the strength of a hawk and the beauty of a pearl.


This blog is dedicated to my mother, my father, my family, my friends, and those who motivate me to pursue my dreams. Thank you for your love and inspiration.


Welcome to hawk + pearl. Follow me on my journey.

Looking to contact me, hire me, discuss partnership opportunities, submit a guest post, or say hi? Connect with me on social media or email morgan@hawkandpearl.com.