Morgan Mandriota

About Morgan Mandriota


Hi! My name is Morgan. I’m a freelance writer with bylines over at Betches, BuzzFeedThought Catalog, and a bunch of other awesome publications (click here to check out my portfolio). I love creating blog posts for media companies, brands, and startups, and I have experience working with more than 100 clients in the sex, wellness, health, travel, SaaS, and marketing niches.


Here are some key milestones on my journey to becoming a writer:


• 2005: I’m allowed to create my first AOL screen name (which I’m way too embarrassed to share with anyone on the internet).

• 2007: I launch my very own “zine” AKA email newsletter. Every week, I’d personally curate and/or create the coolest Dollz Mania artwork, poetry, and jokes then share it with my loyal list of 100 subscribers (random girls that I met via online chatrooms). Was this the safest thing to do as a 15-year-old girl? Probably not, but herein lies the birth of my love for creating digital content.

• 2014: I graduate with honors and receive a Bachelor’s degree in English and minors in Psychology and Speech Communications from St. Joseph’s College on Long Island, New York. My graduation cap proudly displays the lyrics from Frank Ocean’s song “Dust.” Keep living, keep writing, keep loving. 

• 2015: I take a risk and quit my bartending job to start a web development, branding, and marketing company with a friend. I’m in charge of creating all internal and client content (blog posts, website copy, etc).

• Late 2015: I score my first full-time position working as an SEO Writer at a digital marketing agency here on Long Island. Two months later, I’m promoted to Creative Content Director. Two months after that, I’m promoted to Creative Content & SEO Director.

• 2016: I leave that full-time job and start freelancing. I begin writing for BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, and a few local small businesses.

• Mid-2016: One of my BuzzFeed posts go viral! I flip out as I receive email notification after email notification that my content is “trending” and “promoted to the homepage” and earning hundreds of thousands of views.

• Late 2016: I shift gears and accept a position as a full-time Digital Marketing Associate at a software and mobile app development company. Two months later (which seems to be a trend for me), I’m promoted to Digital Marketing Project Manager where I lead the design, development, and content strategy for all of our apps, blogs, and websites.

• 2018: I start freelance writing full-time. And after all of the jobs I’ve had over the last decade, I can confidently say that I’ve found my true niche in content creation.


Now let’s get personal!

Here are a few hobbies, passions, and things that I enjoy:

• I’m big on supporting startups, small businesses, brands, and products, especially those that are health-conscious, eco-friendly, and by women, for women.

• I strongly believe in normalizing the conversation around “taboo” NATURAL topics, like sex, relationships, health, and cannabis. Highly Untamed is my passion project which works to do exactly that.

I’m a cook and a health nut. I mainly eat and make organic food, drinks, and snacks.

You can find me sitting by the water or wandering around Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods on a Friday night.

I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Hi, gi brands and activewear companies!

Traveling is my passion. Watch my travel vlogs on my YouTube channel.

I love nature, hiking, and being outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

I take photos and film videos in my spare time.

I’m into anything nerdy, geeky, techy, or quirky.

I’m super thrifty. I’m always looking for the next bargain or good deal.


You’re probably wondering what “hawk + pearl” means.


Throughout my childhood, my father taught me to keep an eye out for red-tailed hawks, which are birds of prey that symbolize power, perception, observation, and awareness. The middle name of my beloved grandmother, may she rest in peace, is Pearl — commonly defined as “a precious thing; the finest example of something.” I chose the name hawk + pearl to represent the integration of these two special parts of my life and to blend the strength of a hawk and the beauty of a pearl through the voice and style of my content.


Let’s connect!


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